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Welcome to my website! I have been working in this trade since 1982. After several years working as an apprentice in the trade I gained considerable expertise and skills in stone-work. I qualified in 1989 and since then I have been working independently in my own workshop.

I work creatively with marble, artificial stone and granite and I am continuously extending my range of products.

I produce new gravestones, which I can deliver and install. In addition I restore or relocate existing graves.

In addition, I make wall-clocks, individually designed ashtrays, signs or text in granite or marble to commemorate a special occasion.

I make portraits based on photographs, which can even be engraved in the cemetery.

The photos on the following pages are only a fraction of my stonework.

For more information please contact me.

1108 Budapest
Kozma u. 7.
Cell Phone:
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